Things I've Done!

  • I stayed up pretty late (1am!) just having a great conversation with my husband.. That should be a more regular occurrence, if you ask me :)
  • I am cooking dinner now, chicken breasts with chicken & broccoli rice and green beans. It's gonna be yummy!
  • I washed a load of towels last night and I need to wash a load of work clothes tonight before bedtime. (I'll get that started as soon as I finish this post!)
  • I went to a car wash and vacuumed out the inside of my car, yay! That hasn't been done in forever!!
  • I bought a 3 pack of car wipes at Walmart that I am kind of excited to use! Haha.. there's a pack each of glass wipes, protectant wipes, and cleansing wipes. I am most impressed that the cleansing wipes can be used on the seat fabric! I also bought a pack of air freshener for my car.
  • I bought hair dye! I might even use it tonight! Hah, if not, then soon for sure! It's Loreal excellence cream in medium brown *i think, i will double check!* I'm trying to get rid of the blond highlights that are still lurking in my hair!
  • Dusted the entertainment center in my room, and realized that my bedroom is not nearly as in need of a good cleaning as I imagined it was.
  • Paid bills online! I love that feature =)
  • Bought sprinkles and cupcake papers.... but haven't baked any cupcakes yet!
  • Wrote an entry in my journal.

So that leaves spend time outside, take pictures, dye my hair, and exercise... as the only things I really still have on my to-do list. Not bad if I do say so myself!

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