Weigh In #6

Okay everyone, I've been on vacation the last two weeks and I just got home last night.. I couldn't believe the numbers when I saw them.. Just remember, I said I would be doing A LOT of walking, and that's exactly what I did!! I went for at least 5 mile walks (at least!!) on 10 of the 14 days I was gone. That's still with 4 days off! One of those days we did the ridiculous and walked clear across the town to the mall and then all the way back.. my legs were deadddddddddd, that day alone we probably walked 10 miles. The point here is to push yourself beyond your limits, walk until your legs feel like they will never forgive you (trust me, they will. all they need is a little tiny bit of rest and they feel 100% again) I write this because I know I needed to learn it too. Before I would walk for exercise but stop early because I was walking the same loop over and over... I'd quit after 2 miles, could I have done more? YES. Push Yourself. I didn't experience leg cramping AT ALL after all those super long walks! ( i told you those legs are forgiving..)

THIS WEEK: 179.5


I am beyond flabbergasted.....5 pounds a week?????? My food intake may have decreased a little, but I definitely had my share of HUGE dinners in that two week period too. Walking is the only thing responsible for those HUGE numbers.  I am very proud of myself!!!

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