Friday Favorites

I thought I'd start a new blog feature called "Friday Favorites" in honor of me finally getting a sign-up email to join pinterest! Yay!! With Pinterest it's going to be incredibly easy to keep track of all my new favorite things I find =)

*source* How friggin' Adorable!

*source* awwww... i know a little boy who could use a little sister ;)

*source* haha.. tiny baby!

*source* didn't know they could be so tiny!!

*source* sigh..crochet, yarn, pretty colors...

*source* cameras!!! bunny camera =D

I hope you enjoyed the first ever edition of Friday Favorites! Follow my blog, and you'll never have to miss Friday Favorites!! =D Just kidding... you don't have to follow, you can bookmark it.. no, really, i'd appreciate a new blog follower.. they make me smile =D OKAY FINE, if you don't want to follow, I'll settle for just a comment. Thanks.

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