Random Things

Just thoughts in my head...
  • I enjoy finding new blogs
  • If I like your blog, I probably searched for and found the first however many posts you ever had on it and read those. Weird?
  • I enjoy finding those posts that started that blog, are they the same kinds of posts there now?
  • I work every day this week, except for Christmas. 6 Days.
  • Retail sucks, why would you ever want to work in retail?
  • If I found a new blog I liked, I probably found it by clicking on the ad from a different blog I liked.
  • That's a really good way to advertise your blog, I'll probably find it that way =)
  • The internet is so huge, and filled with so much junk, it's next to impossible to find a good blog!!
My plans for tonight? Right now I'm watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, and I plan on catching up on some sleep tonight!! Sooooooo ready for some downtime =)

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