Help Out Nashville Flood Victims

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the massive flooding in Nashville, whether it was by the news or by visiting a blog owned by someone who was a victim to the flooding..... So, how can we help? I thought I'd list a few ways :)

The Red Cross has been in Nashville, Tennessee operating shelters, providing water to the needy, and offering additional assistance as needed. You may offer cash assistance to the Red Cross or specifically to the Nashville Chapter. The Red Cross prefers cash donations which they use to purchase supplies and aid.

You may contribute to the Nashville Area Red Cross by texting 90999 on your telephone. Your bill will be charged $10.00 and this gives a $10.00 contribution to the Nashville Red Cross. You may also call and make a donation by phone at 1- 615-250-4300. If you would like to send a check you may do so here: 2201 Charlotte Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203. With the current flooding situation, you may find that text is the quickest method available.
If you can spare a little money please make a donation! If you live in the Nashville area there are many organizations looking for volunteers to help with everything, so donate your time too!! Here's a great site with lots of info:

Please help out in whatever way you can!!

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