Grad Party Tomorrow!

Yeah, I've been MAJORLY slacking in the blogging department, and well... sorry to tell you guys but it's going to get worse before it gets better! I work 6 days next week (sure, I volunteered myself for more hours, but still!) so have no fear, even with the extreme lack of blogging, I'm still okay!

Tomorrow, aka my one day off, I'm attending my friend's grad party, she's graduating with her masters degree! So she's having a huge get together at her house, complete with tons of food... BBQ,  cake, etc! and and I'm really looking forward to going! Even if she happens to be the only person I actually know at the party! LOL. I'm mostly excited about just hanging out and eating. And I bought a 6 pack of Bacardi Raz so I'm looking forward to that too! I just really want to enjoy my day off, you know? I may take along my camera and get a few pics for "straight from the camera sunday" and try to get those posted by tomorrow night. No promises on that one though!

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