Buy Me This, K?

This is a Fuji Film Instax Mini 25 Instant Film Camera, picture from

For some reason I am VERY interested in instant film cameras now, just out of the blue this desire to own one hits me. The film is kinda expensive though?? Basically $1 per photo, for serious?????? I only found this orange one, also known as the Checki 25, on ebay.

This is the Fuji Film Mini 7s Camera in pink, which I'd also settle for :)

Polaroid is bringing the instant camera revolution back, in a couple months every one in their bloody mind is going to be wanting to buy cameras like these, haha. I'm going to keep a close watch on eBay to see if I can find one for a super good deal (most on there now are anywhere from $70++) and I'd also like to find one that isn't located in Hong Kong... because it takes too long to get anything from there!

**EDIT** I just found the pink camera for a great deal at, it was $59.95 and I also bought 2 twin packs of film for  $13.60 each (which amounts to about 61 cents a photo!) I found it as a wonderful deal and used some of the money from my tax refund to buy it as a present for myself =D Hah, Now I will wait in anticipation for it to be delivered!

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