Make a Journal Jar

I am still in my "journal" mode of thinking, and I thought I would search the internet for lists of journal prompts (ideas or things to journal about) and I found many lists. But I also discovered Journal Jars! A few of the sites had mentioned these, you just write journal prompts on little slips of paper and put them in the jar... then you pick one out every day and that is the topic you write about :) Sounds like a good idea to me! These prompts can also be used for your blog entries or you can make an art journal page about them!

Here's a few sites with great lists of journal prompts:
You can literally find hundreds of websites with lists of journal prompts because they are used so often by teachers. So if you don't find any inspiration from those links (impossible!) then you can just do a web search on "writing prompts", "journal prompts", "blog prompts" etc.

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