Guess Who?

I'm Back!!!
After about a 3 week hiatus (much needed family time!) I am back home again, and so distracted by all those updates I have yet to read on my favorite blogs! Those ones over there... you know, on the sidebar! Three weeks = A LOT to catch up on :)

I am off work tomorrow and I have big plans & ideas as far as spring cleaning! I am bound and determined to create my craft space, and I can not wait! I am not completely sure how it's all going to work out just yet, I would love to have lots of "work space" and am interested in adding another table or a desk to the room to accomplish that. I have tons of old clothes to tear apart for fabric scraps, so I am looking forward to creating something with those. Perhaps a pin cushion? A small doll or a monster? I have lots of possibilities!

Well, that's all for now! I'll update tomorrow!

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