The Plan

I decided that I need to make some serious life changes, and here's the plan that I came up with in order to achieve that.

Goal: Move someplace close to Purt Huron, Michigan. Why there? Because it's super close to the Canadian border and it's only about an hour and a half drive to see my husband in Ontario. This way, we'll be close enough to see each other pretty much whenever we would like to, which is a great improvement over the once every 6 months or so that we see each other currently. I work at a store which also has locations in Michigan that I should be able to transfer to. I'd have to get an apartment and more than likely a second job, or save up a ton of money first, to be able to afford it. But it would be sooo worth it and my husband would be able to help me out a little with the bills.

I'm planning on achieving this goal by spring of next year. I will start saving up money, selling my junk for profit, and collecting items for my apartment now. By spring, I should have my tax refund which will help out with the saving/moving expenses.

This is only the first step in one of my long-term goals, I will live in Michigan until I am able to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident.

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