hey, 100 posts!

I just realized that my last post was #100! Hah, that's actually a pretty low number for the amount of time I've had this blog. Errm... 7-8 months? I don't know, some months I'm pretty faithful about posting and other months the thought doesn't even cross my mind. By the way, this is what getting old will do to you. :) I'm only 26! hah

How about a list of some of my current favorite songs?
  • Taio Cruz - "DYNAMITE"
  • Jamie Foxx ft. Justin Timberlake - "WINNER"
  • Mike Posner - "COOLER THAN ME"
  • Drake - "FIND YOUR LOVE"
  • Justin Bieber - "BABY" so catchy... such bieber fever! lol
And... what about a list of some of my favorite cds???????? p.s. to be on this list, i have to be able to listen to the cd.. nonstop.. from beginning to end.. no skipping!
  • Rob Thomas - CRADLESONG, man is a genius.
  • *NSYNC (anything, i love them.. still... sue me.) LOL
  • Christina Aguilera - BIONIC - it's all i've been listening to in the car for weeks
  • Lady Gaga - FAME
  • Justin Timberlake - anything, see above lol
Yes, that is a very limited list of favorite cds. I don't own all that many, and 90% of the ones I do actually own, don't make the cut. Other artists that would make the cut, but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to them include: nickelback, dashboard confessional, trapt... uhm and probably others that I can't think of at the moment. I guess I have my happy music, and my angry/frustrated music and I like to keep them separate. heh

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