Wasted Days.

You know when you have a day off, and you end up sleeping until the afternoon? Perhaps even Evening??? Well, that's a wasted day. I've been having quite a few of those lately. I stay up way too late, horrible internet addictions.

So, I was thinking... some people must really make a TON of money by selling things on etsy, huh? I kinda wish I was one of those people, hehe. I don't really make anything right now though, so it's a little out of the question. I want to make things though, I really do. I need a craft area first? Perhaps not, but at least a little space to be crafty.

I haven't been getting many hours at work, I've been thinking about doing a little babysitting or something to make a little money. The classifieds had 2 separate help wanted ads this week about needing a babysitter /or help in a day care. It was really calling my name, but I'm ignoring it for the moment. I have an out of town trip planned for next month, so I can wait until afterwards. People always need babysitters, I'm not looking for anything permanent before then!

I'm watching the Olympics right now, I've actually watched it more this year than uhmm i ever have in my life...... seriously. Have you been watching??

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