Inspiration: Cupcakes!

I know that from browsing blogs that a lot of people are obsessed with anything Cupcakes :) So, for all you obsessed people out there... here's an entire blog post filled with cupcakes.

Oh, by the way... it's a shopping blog. All of this items are for sale! - "Frosted Cupcake Apron" $29.99 - Cupcake Dessert Plates (out of stock!!) - "Ugly Cupcake" t-shirt $17.99 - "Cupcake & Cartwheels Candle" $18 (set of 2) - "Cupcake & Cartwheels Dish Towel" $16 each - "Diamond Cupcake Charm Pendant" $79.99 - "Paint Your Own! Cupcake Banks" $16.99 (per dozen!) - "Organic Bib & Burb Cloth" $15.99 - "Cupcake Bandages" $4.99

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