bingo and stuffs!

I went to bingo today (well.. Sunday, its technically yesterday now) with my mommy, we had a little fun but it would have been tons better if we had actually won some money!!!! I was doing really well the first hour or so, with getting "waits" (bingo terms, when you just need one more number to win) on almost every game, it was pretty nerve racking, being so close to winning! But then, we took a break and things started going downhill for me. After that first break, I did not get anywhere close to winning... my cards were pitiful. BUT! That's when things started picking up for my mom and she was getting "waits", but the odds just didn't work out in her favor either. What a bummer. Afterwards, we went grocery shopping, made & ate dinner and then I took a nap for about 3 hours! lol

P.S. - Our satellite internet is still being all screwy, perhaps it will start behaving itself.... soon??

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