When it rains... it pours!

So this is really shaping up to being a year worth forgetting for me, how about you? I had an ER visit in December of last year that turned out to be a bladder infection and today (END OF AUGUST!) I finally got the $2000 bill for it.  A bunch of total BS that it took almost 9 months for them to mail me a bill, isn't it? And I just paid a $2215 bill last month for something else (that I had to borrow $$ to pay in the first place! and I'm not happy about that either!), I'm not made of money. I have health insurance but it didn't go into effect until the first of this year... i kinda doubt it'd cover any of the costs. I have to call next week to find out about getting financial assistance and/or setting up a payment schedule to take care of this. If only money grew on trees... or I could win a few thousand dollars in the lottery... I'm not asking for much here.. really :)

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