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I thought I'd do a little catch-up post since I haven't bothered to post over here in... well, forever.

Earlier this week I hosted a BeautiControl Spa Party, one of the ladies from work just became a consultant for the company and I wanted a good excuse to have a little Girl's Night Out type of thing, it was actually a lot of fun and I ended up getting a free neckwrap, a free pedicure tool set and 50% off my order.. so I was pretty excited about all of that!! Here's a screen shot of the BeautiControl website.

Other than that, nothing much new and exciting has been going on in my life. LOL. I've been working, and on days that I don't work then I sleep a lot. And I mean A LOT, for instance.. I am off today and slept about 12 hours last night. Oh yeah. I have plans to go to Six Flags on Wednesday with a friend from work, I'm most excited about playing in the water park!!! I'm not much for theme park rides. I can't wait to get our pool set up for this summer, oh my goodness! but we need to get more sand first!!!

I bought a few new things the last couple of days that I'm pretty excited about so I thought I'd share...

Jergens natural glow FIRMING lotion, says it's proven to reduce cellulite..

equate spf 70 sport sunscreen, the top actually locks
and it sprays awesome, very misty!

and a new swimsuit! it's from JCPenneys if anyone was wondering ;)
was super difficult to find one because everything was so picked through!!!

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