current obsessions

i keep finding blogs w/ loads of pictures of outfits. Lots of dresses, boots and cardigans. Three things I really don't wear, but I now have a very sudden urge to own and wear them. Weird... cyber peer pressure at it's finest =P hahaha. 

I really wanted a Snuggie for Christmas. and I got one. And......... I was/am quite disappointed in it. Mostly because your back is completely exposed, it doesn't even have a hook or closure in the back of the neck. I've told my mom that I would like her to return it, because I know that there exists knock-off versions that are made of a softer material, have a closure in the back and maybe even some pockets!!!!

Also really enjoying the following songs: Ke$ha - "Tik Tok" & Daniel Powter - "Fly Away"

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